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"my books are always about living in places, not just rushing through them... the important determinant of any culture is after all - the spirit of place".     -Lawrence Durrell

Spiritofplace.com emerged in 1998 and is is our online postcard to friends and family - and curious co-workers. Past milestones include Duncan's arrival in June 2006, our move to Aberdeen in 2005, and our wedding in 2002. We love friendly pubs, coffee, weekend bike rides, exploring the countryside, and camping.

I love the way I feel after a run and I'm a big fan of handwritten letters and homemade quilts. My engagement ring was a road bike. I've a PhD in one of the physical sciences and work in research. My inspiration is my Gram because she was tough and kept good secrets.

Cory's lived in two countries, four provinces and numerous cities and works as a mechanical engineer in the daytime. His true passion is his road bike son.

Duncan excels at climbing everything, belly laughs, and throwing things in the bin. He likes trips in the bike trailer, running outside, and being naked. His current passion is crayola markers.

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